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- All I Want -


Well ... Well; Now for Something a bit Different

Immersive Punk Audio Re-Mix

This is a Punk Rock Cover of the song "All I Want" (by the group - Offspring)

All instruments and vocals here were performed by Mathias/Mat Hammer [My Son]

- Except for a Mystery lead guitarist -

> and [Intro] with a hat tip to the awesome Canadian band - Propaghandi


It was all originally Recorded in our AU home studio several years ago.

The version posted directly below is in "Binaural" - So ....

  Please use Headphones for the Best Sound Experience



A Dolby Atmos Mix fully encoded .mp4 file is here (link below)

for you to download and hopefully enjoy,
... If you have capable &
compatible Atmos playback equipment :

A/V receiver, Blue-ray, Soundbar, Mobile phone,
or the Dolby Atmos App for headphones, etc ..


All I Want Mat Punk Rock Cover
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